“I’ve worked with Andy for quite a few years as a composer and sound designer. His work is top notch and the process is always a pleasure. He just “gets it” – and that’s a fantastic quality, especially when you’re under pressure. Can’t recommend Andy highly enough.”
MARTIN MCKEAN Filmmaker, Writer & Creative Director

“Andy is a joy to work with. He has composed the score for many of our television and corporate productions. Each time his work has been creative, authentic and completely appropriate for the project. Andy is my first choice every time for original compositions.”
KATE BEAL Managing Director, Woodcut Media / Talent TV South / kmb Productions

“Andy has a great knowledge of music – composing, arranging, conducting and performing – he understands intuitively how to use music to enhance mood, tension, pace and character, but he also writes cues which are memorable pieces of music in their own right. Working with a composer for the first time is always nerve-wracking as you’re never sure if they’ll ‘get’ the brief, but I would have no hesitation in recommending Andy to anyone commissioning music.”
DANIEL CORMACK Board of Directors, Directors Guild of Great Britain & Director, Actaeon Films Ltd

“Arrangements polished off with efficiency and delivered right on time; with the added bonus of knowledge, insight and flair, ANDY SIMMS brought to life, firstly on the album ‘Back to the Cat’, the horns I heard in my head and made colourful additions via voicing, expressions and motif. Andy also took on the enormous responsibility of bringing to life arrangements old and new and adding his own unique spin on what I wanted, for an evening of ‘Favourite Themes’ performed with my group plus an additional orchestral ensemble. All went well thanks to Andy’s sense of discipline and organisation and utmost professionalism, which Andy imbues his work with from the idea stage to the finale and beyond.”
BARRY ADAMSON Recording Artist, Filmmaker and Director, Central Control Ltd

“I’ve worked with Andy on a number of projects and he always delivers exactly what’s required plus that important extra bit more. I’m always delighted to have Andy on board because he possesses that lovely combination of amazing talent and wonderful personality in one.”
NICK LOE Director, Rocking Horse Pictures

“Andy is a highly versatile and creative composer. He really makes things work to very specific requirements ensuring the soundtrack is the best it can be. Great to work with!”
JAMIE NELSON Head Of Post Production, Stripe

“Andy is a very talented musician and composer, with great instincts. I highly recommend him.”
RAJ YAGNIK Film Producer/Director, Wired Video

“Andy has great talent, and when asked to produce music for an animation piece, he delivered spectacularly every step of the way, with no hesitance.”
DREW ROPER Creative Director, Lamination Studios