London Luton Rebrand

LLA Rebrand
icoDesign / London Luton Airport

As part of a comprehensive rebranding of the redeveloped London Luton Airport, interactive "soundboards" were installed around the airport terminals to help passengers engage with key aspects of the redevelopment. A series of onomatopoeic headlines summarise the key areas that the £100m redevelopment will impact, and are replicated thought the design as bold supergraphics that act as way-finding, helping passengers flow through the terminal. We recorded the onomatopoeic headline messages as sounds, and passengers were able to "play" these on the interactive touch-sensitive soundboards, against a backdrop of user-selected specially-commissioned musical loops, in a variety of genres. All music was also produced purely vocally, a mixture of melodic and rhythmic "beatboxing". No musical instruments were used in this production, just the human voice!


Audio assets: